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Mystry Of Pyramids

Vastu can be integrated as science based on energy emanating from various sources. Energy pervades nature. Our life depends on it. Energy rules every form of life on earth. This energy can be either positive or negative. Incorrect vastu creates negative energy.

Vastu corrections can be done by neutralising this negative energy by strong positive energy radiating devices like energised pyramids and Energy cards. 'Pyramid' really means Energy Nucleus so powerful that it cannot be changed by any Energy interaction. That's how Pyramids of Egypt can keep dead body cells free from decay for thousands of years whereas it is common experience that human body and all life forms begin to decay within a few hours of death.

Pyramid in Greek means:-

Pyro = Fire = Energy
Amid = Middle = Center = Nucleus

A pyramid is a structure with sloping sides that meet at top. Energised Pyramids can help us in correction of vastu. Pyramid structure emits positive energy which neutralizes the negative energy caused within any premises due to incorrect vastu. Pyramid replicas, based on the measurements of the great pyramids of Egypt, generate energy that contribute to the healing process. Vastu shastra, the vedic architecture integrates the science of ayurveda and astrology by linking them with human lives. "Vastu" combines the earth's magnetic fields, the influence of the planets and other celetial bodies along with cosmic rays and plays a vital role in happy family life and prosperity of business.

Living in vastu corrected home or vastu corrected office complying with the laws of nature ensures general prosperity, well being and happiness of the occupant. In today's age and time with growing urbanisation, hectic life, paucity of space and more significantly the rampant sense of faithlessness in anything that modern science fails to explain, it is practically impossible to even dream of home or office confirming to the laws of vastu.

No adverse effects have been observed in simultaneous use of Pyramid Energy Systems with Conventional Therapy Systems or otherwise. Results may vary from person to person according to age, and disease conditions. Outcome depends often upon unknown factors. In addition to the treatment of dis-eases, dis-orders, and ailments, Pyramid Energy Systems were also tried and tested for correction of Energy Force Fields of over 5,000 plots of land and buildings of every description including:- Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farms and Gardens, Agricultural, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Shops, Veterinary Clinics, Food Grain Storage facilities, etc. Suggestions relating to diet, exercise, meditation, etc. is provided with Pyramid Energy Systems.


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